Victory Anointing Oil

By The REASON Of The ANOINTING, The Yoke is Broken!

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Water of Life

No More Curse - In the Name of Jesus Christ

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Please note these anointed materials were given to God’s servant by God’s spirit for salvation, deliverance and breakthrough of his people. The anointing is not for sale Acts 8:18-20. Amounts stated on this store is a LOVE OFFERING for the continuous PHYSICAL PRODUCTION of the Items while the HOLY SPIRIT GIVES THE ANOINTING.

Let your attention be focused on Jesus Christ and not on the items as they are just tool through which God expresses himself, power and might. Keep FAITH ALIVE. – P.I.A Obaseki

P.I.A Obaseki


Water of Life


Anointing Oil

Isaiah 10: 27

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Keep Your Faith Alive

The lives of people are been impacted daily through God’s word. Destinies are touched through divine revelation of God’s Spirit .

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Having Commit ourselves to the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, More Grace TV is a venue, which is to reach out to the lost souls with the gospel. Spreading God’s inexplainable love to the sons of men, bringing joy to a heart of sadness, hope to the hopeless, gladness to a mourning heart.

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Get the Anointed Items and witness, see, experience the proof that validates God mighty power present in our generation to heal, save and deliver, in Jesus name.

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