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accounting software for attorneys

Sage Intacct boasts high-quality features including cash management, real-time financial dashboards, and revenue recognition management. It also offers strong integration capabilities with platforms such as Salesforce, Avatax, and Nexonia, ensuring a seamless work flow across various business functions. FreeAgent is not the most well-known accounting program, but those who use it love it.

Benefits of Automated Legal Accounting & Billing Software

accounting software for attorneys

In our extensive experience working with hundreds of law firms, here is our list of the best law firm accounting software (in no particular order). Consider whether your firm would be best suited for combined practice management / accounting software (or separate software for each), and consider the specific features your law firm needs. Next, we recommend that your firm makes an inventory of the specific capabilities and features that you require in your law firm accounting software. For this, you should confer with both your legal team and your accountant. As the backbone of any successful legal practice, accounting and financial management are crucial, but often overlooked, aspects that underpin the functionality of law firms —  small and large. It may also be helpful to read law firm accounting software reviews to get an idea of the user experience of other firms who have tried the potential software before you.

Online and Digital Services

  1. Pricing for this all-in-one cloud-based software solution comes at a whopping $85 per user per month and is billed annually.
  2. This gives you the best of both worlds while making your law firm’s comprehensive accounting situation easier to manage.
  3. It’s the only legal software platform that includes all three of these main pillars to running a law practice.
  4. When you use these tools together through their Clio integration, this eliminates repeat data entry—saving you time and effort.
  5. Sage Accounting is most suitable for smaller law firms and sole proprietors.

My entire character and fitness interview consisted of an attorney asking me, “Can you commingle funds? ” After responding in the negative, he said, “congratulations,” and that was it. While perhaps more perfunctory than it should’ve been, it underscores the importance of keeping client funds separate from the lawyer funds and how this gets botched with disturbing frequency. Scotch Plains law firm seeks personal injury attorney with five to ten years of personal injury experience.

QuickBooks Online: For streamlined legal accounting

Cloud-based accounting software providers prioritize data security, employing advanced encryption and security protocols to protect sensitive information. Accounting software is an essential part of any law firm’s legal tech toolbox. Whatever software you choose should be user-friendly enough to meet the needs of those using it the most at your firm. If your firm’s users tend to need more technical support when learning a new tool, look for options that are easy to navigate and offer personalized customer support. For example, the Clio Manage and Xero integration lets you apply a tax to an expense category in Clio, and that same tax amount will be applied to the client invoice in Xero.

Clio Manage: For legal practice management that supports accounting for law firms

They ensures compliance with state regulations and allow you to focus on what you do best – practicing law. QuickBooks tracks every dollar coming in and going out of the firm. You can instantly run financial statements to see how business is doing. Generate statements such as cash flow, profit and loss, balance sheets, etc.

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Powerful and easy-to-use accounting software that has everything you need to confidently manage your law practice. Plus you can dig down deeper with expense tracking and customized reports to show month-to-month comparisons so you can make better business decisions. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your financial information is backed-up and secure.

IOLTA accounts are designed to keep client funds separate from your typical business or operating account—where you are allowed to accrue interest. Legal bookkeepers and legal accountants value relevance of accounting information work with your firm’s financials, with the shared goal of helping your firm financially grow and succeed. First, you need to make sure that your bank account can sync with the software.

accounting software for attorneys

Accurately record your billable hours and charge for your time with instant time recording on desktop and mobile. We provide different levels of support for customers who use different features and services from Wave. Gain key business insights on your firm’s productivity and profitability with comprehensive financial dashboards and over 100 full-customizable reports.

When it comes to key accounting concepts, it’s really about organization. And a lack of professionalism can lead to losing your clients, referrals, and growth opportunities. Whether intentional or through neglect, violations of compliance regulations—like mishandling client funds—can lead to serious repercussions. LeanLaw has four different tools to track time because time trackers have preferences. Improve cash flow, generate cost savings, create back-office efficiencies, and get paid faster.

Trust accounts are one of the most common areas where legal accounting mistakes are made. Whether you mismanage the accounts, put funds in the wrong account, accidentally use funds, or fail to report correctly, trust accounting errors are a big deal in accounting for law firms. Trust accounting mistakes can lead to penalties, suspension, or even losing the right to practice law.

We understand, however, since PCLaw is desktop software, not cloud-based. Moreover, it has a steep learning curve, and some users may find it too advanced. We recommend software like TimeSolv with Xero or LeanLaw with QuickBooks Online if ease of use is important to you.

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